Vac-Yum has new scents!

Vac-Yum is right on track with the latest release of their newest, handcrafted scents Lavender Fields and Northern Pine. Vac-Yum will be following up with even more refreshing scents at the 2006 VDTA Convention in Las Vegas with the release of zen like scents Blue Skies and Ginger Lime.

As Vac-Yum constantly searches for ways to expand the growth of their business they promote their product to distributors and dealers throughout the nation. Vac-Yum is known for their creative booths at the VDTA shows.

Vac-Yum was created and revealed to the public in March 2004 by owners Darren and Janae Mulqueen. The business started as a small, Arizona-based operation and has grown throughout the United States.

“It is a great feeling to see the response of our product by dealers and their customers. Vac-Yum dealers tell us how they have many return customers due to our product. Customers say the sealed jar helps keep the product fresh longer than what they have used in the past and that they like our unique scents. Janae and I strive to make the best vacuum fragrance on the market, to make it easy for dealers to sell and to keep customers coming back to dealers for more. We are also proud to say our product is made in the USA,” said Darren.

Darren was raised in the sewing and vacuum business. He started out repairing vacuums and grew into selling them and now manages multiple stores. A fresh scent has always been put in their vacuum repairs as a courtesy to the customer. Using scent in the repairs has helped Darren create Vac-Yum vacuum fragrance. Vac-Yum consists of three important components: packaging, base product and fragrance. The package keeps the scent in the jar. This helps to keep the product fresh and stops the store from being overpowered by multiple scents. The base product is important in keeping the vacuum smelling fresh. Customers will remember how long the scent lasts and will want more when they run out. The fragrances picked by Vac-Yum are very important to them. They make sure the fragrance will be pleasing while vacuuming and that they will last. Every scent is tested before selected to be part of the Vac-Yum line. As a whole the Vac-Yum vacuum fragrance product is designed to be the best product available exclusively for vacuum dealers.

Stop by the Vac-Yum booth at the 2006 VDTA Show or call 1-888-4VACYUM for a product sample. For North East vacuum stores, call Desco at 1-800-833-3726. Visit Vac-Yum online at

Reprinted from Floor Care Professional magazine, February 2006


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